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Operation Dudula Taxi Accident: 11 injured in fatal car accident


Operation Dudula Taxi Accident: 11 injured in fatal car accident: As you all know this world is uncertain. Anything will happen in any part of the world. No one knows what will happen next moment. In some parts of the world, people were enjoying their life and in some parts of the world, people are mourning someone’s death. Recently the news has been seen out that eleven members of Operation Dudula were killed in a car accident while on their way to Mpumalanga province. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Operation Dudula Taxi Accident

Operation Dudula Taxi Accident

This happened on May 20, 2022. Several police vehicles arrived at the crash site and they were all trying to imagine what really happened at this place. Their investigation was going on and they cannot ignore any fact or any evidence. They were gathering everything they saw to take the matter forward.

Eleven people are believed to have been part of Operation Dudula. His identity was not yet known. It is not known who these people were and where they were coming from. Sources say that these are part of Operation Dudula. But who knows if the reality will be quite the opposite. Maybe they’re not part of Dudula.

Operation Dudula Accident

They are from a different group who were coming back from the party and the elite members were friends. Who knows what is the truth. It could be anyone. But these are just statements made by random people. This will be known only when the police conduct a thorough investigation. Well, for those who do not know what a dudula is, then we will tell you. It is a movement that seeks to control illegal immigration in South Africa.

How many people were injured?

In this incident, 11 people were injured and the driver suffered serious injuries. At present, the driver has been taken to the hospital and he is undergoing treatment. The doctors did not say anything about when he would go back to normal. And can’t guarantee it. Eleven of those members were also undergoing treatment and so far no such improvement has been seen yet. Their family details and their identity both were unknown.

We go to so many websites and sources to get more information about the injured people. But looks like there is no details have been mentioned on any websites. Not even in Wikipedia. If anything would come out, then we will definitely inform you. Until then follow this site.

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