Home News Operation Dudula Hillbrow: Activists Descend on South Africa’s Hillbrow Demands

Operation Dudula Hillbrow: Activists Descend on South Africa’s Hillbrow Demands


Operation Dudula Hillbrow: Around 2,000 individuals demonstrate against illicit migrant workers in Hillbrow, near Cape Town, as part of “Operation Dudula”. Operation Dudula, Zulu for “drive back”, has accumulated traction in a sign of growing anti-migrant sentiment in South Africa, which has been annoyed by record unemployment figures and poverty aggravated by COVID-19. Operation Dudula watched protesters heading once again to Hillbrow in a bid to draw support for its #PutSouthAfricansFirst cause. As already mentioned, The group is accusatory undocumented foreign nationals absorbing job opportunities in South Africa. With unemployment remaining extremely high in the country. The controversial movement feels locals should be the first option for any jobs or vacancies. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Operation Dudula Hillbrow

Operation Dudula Hillbrow

The group of protestors highlighted concerns over undocumented foreign traders and drug dealers in the country. The movement goals to remove these foreigners from the streets. The protest has not been sans its challenges with the South African Police Service blocking the campaign last week. The situation had worsened to the point where rubber bullets and water cannons had been used. Authorities had commented that they needed permission and permits for the protest had not been granted. Nonetheless, protestors collected in Hillbrow on Saturday to continue their demonstrations.

Premier Wants To Support Movement 

In the spite of these challenges, it looks as if powerful political support has been extended to Operation Dudula. Gauteng Premier David Makhura has asserted that he wants to work alongside Operation Dudula. In further addition to this, Makhura goals to help other civic groups also concerned about illicit immigration into South Africa.

Though the Premier warns that reserving vacancies for South African inhabitants first and foremost is simply not a feasible concept. Makhura lamented the porous borders of the country which the Premier insists require to be tightened. Though the politician also insists that inhabitants require to remain sympathetic to the plight of refugees. In conclusion, Makhura looked to hint that the work of the movement must be done in a manner that remains within the realm of what is considered lawful.

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