Today on the Operation Blue Star Anniversary more than 100 Sikh activists led by Imaan Singh Mann who is the son of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) president and former MP Simranjit Singh Mann has raised the slogans related to the Pro-Khalistan slogans. You all should know that it is the 36th anniversary of the event on this recent Sunday. Also, the reports are coming that ‘Parallel Jathedar’ of Akal Takht Dhian Singh Mand has entered the premises and shared the Mann-led group.

You all should know that the big names or members have gathered on the premise to honour the families of those who were killed during Operation Blue Star. The whole operation took place in 1984 and this whole thing took place to flush the heavily-armed terrorists holed up in the Golden Temple. You must know that Operation Blue Star Anniversary happens every year just to give respect to dead innocents ones.

pro khalistan slogans

The reports are coming that the main program is about honoring the families who have lost their loved ones on a black day. Giani Harpreet Singh even confirmed that he will always remember the unhealed wounds of Operation Blue Star. You all should know that there was a heavy barricading by police around all entry points to the Golden Temple.

As you all might already know that because of the COVID-19 situation the people aren’t allowed to gather together and come not more than 1,000 people gathered at the shrine. On the normal days, we have seen usually more than one lakh people visit the shrine every year and now we had limited numbers of audiences. Also, today we have seen a minor scuffle between policemen and the group led by Maan. Overall, this whole protest was peaceful but again it revived the memories of Operation Blue Star.


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