A piece of shocking news is coming out from Toronto where an Ontario man Yvon tickets to a game of Stanley Cup in promotion of Tim Hortons. But then he was amazed when he gets to know that the company will not be going to give the prize.  As per the report in the month of January, Jeff Murray won the one prize which is amongst the top five prizes in the “Collect To Win” contest organized by the Tim Hortons. As per the prize, it was a trip for a couple to the final game of the Stanley Cup.

Tim Hortons

After winning this prize Murray felt like he is on the seventh cloud as it was like dream come true as Murray is a core-hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens, get to know that it would be his favorite team playing in the finals of 2021. On Saturday, Murray informed the newspaper channel that “He was so shocked and unbelievable and I informed happily to my every friend. But these guys did not believe it. I am not that much rich. So that was very special for me to get to a Stanley Cup game, this is my final chance.”

On Thursday, Murray contacted the news channel and informed that he is very much tensed as he did not have received the tickets yet and it seemed like his once-in-a-lifetime trip might not be going to fulfill. Murray stated that “Everybody was in stunned, and Tim Horton’s can not get the tickets? But it is their prize?” Tim Horton informed that even as the “Collect To Win” contest was afoot, it was making eventuality plans in case it could not follow over on the offer of tickets to the Stanley Cup final due to the capacity limits and travel constraints due to Wuhan-Virus.

Correlations Murray informed the news channel shows a firm representative first saying the border restrictions might be canceled the award, and then giving other options.  Tim Hortons decided to honor the promotion and Murray get a guarantee within a day he would show up for game 4 on Monday night. Tim Hortons told them provided the other 4 winners of the grand prize the choice of a $ Five Thousand cash prize the option to see a major game of 2022.


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