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How to watch Only Murders In The Building In Canada


The trio of the stars who have come together for the show which is obsessed with murders and mysteries have come together for the show “Only Murders In The Building” which is streaming online on Hulu, the stars who are amazing with comedy naming Martin Short, Selena Gomez and Steve Martin who are going to be neighbours in this new show.

Only Murders In The Building In Canada

Only Murders In The Building In Canada

They are going to be neighbours who all are obsessed when it comes to true crime podcasts who are living in the same ritzy Manhattan apartment building, Charles is a former TV star who is dealing with a recent break up while Oliver is going to be a falling director who is on the verge of losing his apartment and Mabel is going to show as a bit of mystery.

Mabel’s age and her artsy interests don’t line up with living in a fancy house and they all are going to be seeing together as they find out about the death of a neighbour in their locality, you will see them not convinced with what police is saying as they have ruled out the case as suicide, the three amigos decide to investigate the whole case on their own and then they went on to make their own podcast about the same.

The show has been created by Martin and John Hoffman who is the collaborator, Short and Martin have been working together for many years, they have worked in the movies such as Father of the Bride and three amigos and they have also made headlines at a stage act where they performed together, Gomez rose to prominence on the Disney channel as he graduated to be a successful career as a singer.

How To Watch Only Murders In The Building

The first three episodes are already available on the streaming platform is Hulu, the show premiered on Tuesday on 31st August at 12:00 am according to ET, the remaining 7 episodes are going to drop weekly on Tuesdays. For now, Hulu is only available in the U.S.

How To Watch The Show In Australia, Canada and UK

The people who are not living in the U.S. can watch the show “only murders in the building” through Disney Plus which is going to start off on Tuesday on 31st August.

Only Murders In The Building Cast

The cast of the series is led by Steve Martin as Charles, Selena Gomez as Mabel and Martin Short as Oliver, all of them are joined by Nathan Lane, Amy Ryan, Oscar, Tina Fey who is going to be the host for the podcast and Sting as himself.

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