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One Piece Episode 994 Release date and Time On Crunchyroll and Funimation


One Piece Episode 994 Release date and Time On Crunchyroll and Funimation: One Piece Episode 994, is coming up soon to entertain its enthusiasts. The maker of the series is coming up with a new twist and turns in this episode. They are also claiming and assuring their viewers that it is consists of the most entertaining content as compared to the previous episodes. The characters will be seen more into their characters. And in the upcoming episodes, there are going to be so many issues on the front of the heroes. This episode is also going to be revealed the top-secret about the character Yamato.

One Piece Episode 994

Watch One Piece Episode 994 On Crunchyroll 

Here is the biggest and the most shocking announcement from the Kado, he unveiled the truth about Yamato that he isn’t a man Yamato is a lady. Yamato will be seen giving a surprise to Luffy by giving a statement in which Yamato day that, “he is strong enough and he will always be going to reminds her of Ace.” So this is going to be the most shocking turn in the series. Well, let us tell you that this anime is so close to celebrating its 1000 episode of it. The journey of the anime was so exciting and it described a lot of love from its viewers.


One Piece Episode 994 Release Date

It is highly appreciating all around the world and it has gained a huge amount of followers. So if we jumped into the previous episode then it was so entertaining and the audience showed a lot of love. The end of the previous episode creates suspense and it so gonna be unveiled in this episode. The wait of the audience is going to be over soon.

One Piece Episode 994 Release Time

The release date of the anime is set to be on 3rd October. The audience who are curious to see the new episode will have to wait for the 3rd of October and after this, they will be all set to enjoy the series.

One Piece Episode 994 Streaming Platform :-

You guys can watch the series on video streaming apps Crunchyroll and Funimation. It is going to be aired at 9:30 AM JST. It going to be premier on Netflix and Animelab for the users who aren’t live in Japan. Whereas the timings of the different zones will be going to be updated soon and you will get these timings at the same platform so don’t forget to bookmark our site.

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