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One Piece Chapter Episode 1002 Spoilers Release Date and Time Revealed


The most famous Japanese TV series ONE PIECE is all set to release its episode 1002 this Sunday. This eminent worldwide popular series has continuously made its audience stick to the amusement with it for the last 20 years. It has achieved remarkable glory of releasing more than 1000 episodes without being forgotten in the eyes of its audience.

One Piece

The 3rd season of the manga series ‘One Piece’ is currently going on and its 1002 episode is extremely awaited by thousands of fans around the world. Finally, the chapter is officially going to fulfill the desires of fans on 31st Jan 2021. There has been already many rumors and predication about the next sequences in the episode but everything has got a break now as there not a big chase to its next episode.

The tentative details of the release of this episode on 31st January as per worldwide time zone will be like:

  • Around 9 Am on Sunday: Pacific Time
  • Around 11 AM on Sunday: Central Time
  • Noon on Sunday: Eastern Time
  • Around 5 PM on Sunday: British Time

‘ONE PIECE’ has entertained the world community over the last 20 years. This story follows the marvelous adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, who is a boy who got astonishing flexibilities of rubber after eating a Devil Fruit. In its last episode, we watched that Emperor Kaido had lifted the whole island of Onigashima and carried it to the Flower Captain in the Land of Wano. Now, the story is further going to continue in the following episode we will watch on Sunday.

The official date of release of this series has been announced by Shonen Jump section of Viz Media which means there is no scope of uncertain statements or false information.

However there are so many spoilers circulating around the scenario, some of them are like;

  • The chapter will be known as “Yonkou vs New generation
  • Kaidou uses ‘Great Wind’ and countered back by Luffy’s own new moves
  • Law’s ‘Gama knife’ faces attack of ‘Slam Gibson’ used by the new kid
  • The new killer is down after the break down of his ‘Kamaa Sonic’ responded by ‘Indra’ of Big Mom.
  • Kaidou again counters back with ‘Bolo Breath’ on Luffy but is goes fail after the defense of Zoro.
  • Big mom uses thunder attack against Lufffy as Kaidou senses Oden on Zoro’s sword.
  • Kaidou attacks on Luffy with ‘Bolo Breath’ but no impact occurs.
  • At last this all ends up with the attack of ‘Gomu no Kong Gatoringu’ on Kaidou

All this might cool down your enthusiasm for a while but it can’t deviate the craze for the upcoming episode. Spoilers are not always 100% true as there breaches in them. One Piece has win hearts and there is no chance that it will drop down the interest of suspense maintained. The episode will be soon released and mostly liked too.

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