One Piece 1033 Spoilers Mangahelpers Leaked On Reddit Explained: It seems like One Piece fans have been looking forward to the release of chapter 1033, which is scheduled to release this weekend, there are some spoilers for the upcoming chapter which are already out to give the audiences the taste of the forthcoming events, *this is a disclaimer for the people who are not interested in spoilers, the article is going to be containing many spoilers*. Follow More Update On

One Piece 1033 Spoilers

One Piece 1033 Spoilers Leaked On Reddit

There have been several exciting events that are going to be happening in the One Piece manga series, the battle between Queen and Sanji is still underway and the CPO is still trying to capture Robin, the previous chapter of One Piece manga focuses on the fight between King and Zoro.

The Straw Hat pirate finds it pretty hard to figure out a way to defeat King, he has revealed his new transformation, it seems like fans are eager to see the conclusion of Zoro’s battle with King according to the recent leaks, the next chapter is going to be focusing on the fan-favorite Pirate Hunter.

One Piece 1033 Spoilers Explained

There have been some spoilers when it comes to Chapter 1033 of One Piece which is titled “Shimotsuki Kozaburo”, the fans can expect to learn more about Kuina and Enma’s sword in the next chapter, the chapter seems to kick off with Queen talking to Sanji about the survivor of the “Lunarian Race”.

She states that people of this race were called “Gods” in the ancient time as they had the power to withstand any environment, after this the chapter focuses on King and Zoro’s fight, the chapter is showing Zoro who survived an explosion by using the color of Arms Haki, Zoro finds it pretty challenging to overpower King, even his best trick wasn’t enough to defeat his opponent.

Zoro then starts thinking about the past event during the fight when the swords started falling from the island, he then remembers Shimotsuki Kozaburo who created Kuina and Enma’s swords, each blade has its own personality, not everyone is strong enough to possess these swords.

We are going to be coming up with more spoilers in the coming days and weeks to keep the audiences on their toes and to clear your doubts, we will update you about the next chapter before it airs for the audiences to see. We hope that you have liked the spoilers which we have gathered through our sources.


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