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Oliver Daemen Father Net Worth 2021: Meet 18-Year-Old Oliver Daemen Who Went To Space With Jeff Bezos


It seems like people are not at all happy about Oliver Daemen going to space as he is just 18 at the time and he is going to be going on a space mission and exploration, the issue is that these kinds of trips to space are reserved for the astronauts who are properly trained and who have studied for years and for the astronauts who have earned the spot to go on such a space exploration mission.

Oliver Daemen Father Joes Daemen

Daemen Father Net Worth 2021

and now it seems like people are finding their way to go on such trips just by throwing money and it seems like that we have entered a new era when it comes to space travel as the people who are wealthy enough are finding their way into travel to space which is not at all fair to the astronauts who have worked really hard all their lives to study the outer space dreaming that there will be a day when they will be selected for traveling to outer space and it seems like that the world’s wealthiest man is going on a space trip and he is not going to be alone on the trip.

Who Is Oliver Daemen?

Bezos is going to be taking off on 20th July and he is going to have the company of his brother Mark, also a pilot naming Wally Funk who is about 82 years old, and Oliver Daemen, he is just 18 years old who is the newest member who is going to be the part of the adventure, he is high school graduate and he is the person who has replaced the winner who won in the auction who paid about 28 million dollars to take the spot in the Blue Origins and the person who has won the auction is going to remain anonymous and is going to be a part of some future adventure to space as he couldn’t join for this time because of some conflicts with the scheduling.

and it has been stated by Blue Origins that Oliver is their first paying customer and they have stated that he did take a part in the auction and he has secured a seat when it comes to the second flight.

Oliver Daemen’s Net Worth 2021

He is the son of Somerset Capital Partners CEO naming Joes Daemen who paid for the ticket of his son which is an equity firm in Dutch, the net worth of his father is unknown but it has been stated that it is between 500 million dollars to 1.2 billion which is a wide range in all honesty but that is what is available of him on the internet.

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