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Olaiya Igwe Dead Or Alive: Nollywood Star Actor Olaiya Igwe Is Not Dead: TAMPAN Reported


Olaiya Igwe is death or Alive? get the viral news about him through this post. Ebun Oloyede, who is one of the most famous and eminent Yoruba actors has passed away recently, and he has been the headline of the news these days. Widely he used to be known as Olaiya Igwe, his death statement was passed away TAMPAN ( Theatre and Motion Picture Practitioners of Nigeria). He has an immense fan following over the social media platforms.

Olaiya Igwe Dead Or Alive

Olaiya Igwe Dead Or Alive

As per some online media excluding PM news, they had represented a report, in which it was mentioned that. Igwe had died at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State on a Monday Morning. There are many people, who are still confused and they are in the fog, is Olaiya Igwe really are dead or not?.

Moving forward the most searching is that, netizens want to know Olaiya Igwe’s death cause, as per the report, we found that he lost his life during the surgery of his kidney stone at the hospital. In the end, we got to know the official TAMPAN spoke with the PM about this and stated “Rubbish and Fake” on a Tuesday morning.

Later he added that “his death news is fake, I can assure you he is still alive”. Many of the people are reacting to this news, UCH also reacted over this, Toye Akinrinola (The Public Relationship Officer of UCH) said, he did not have any information about this, one of the journalists has called him early in the morning and he checked about the matter. Later he came to know that there is no record of Igwe in the emergency unit of the hospital, if something like that had happened, hospital staff or mortuary records must have told this to us.

One more report has come into the light which is republished by one of the eminent and ventral actors. Whose name is Dele Odule, he stated that “this rumor is completely fake, he is not dead, he is still alive as Dele has spoken to him on the phone call, and he was pretty well”.

After hearing this, many of the people became happy, mainly his fans they were broken-hearted earlier as per the going rumor but finally, he is alive. We must have heard that it is all for the best, this is what happens this time. There is a number of rumors on the Internet spreading, never believe them, first confirm that news by the sources then believes. To stay updated and get real news, keep reading our latest updates.

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