Who Is Odalis Perez wife, Evelina García? Age, Instagram, and, more!: A legend player of baseball whose name is Odalis Perez. He separated his wife Evelina Garcia. His wife was a popular television presenter and a model. However, the couple had issues with their marriage and decided to end that. In this article, we gonna discuss more her wife. In his career, he managed to present his excellence by being a part of some of the legendary baseball teams like Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, and others. Many say he was a left-handed pitcher and throws every ball with his left hand. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Odalis Perez wife, Evelina García

Who Is Odalis Perez wife, Evelina García?

He won 27 games at the international level and at the state level which is itself a big task. His early education takes place in the Dominican Republic. He started to play baseball and decided to master this skill before coming to the United States for the baseball league. He made a name for himself and his country. Talking about his marriage life, he married a gorgeous woman whose name is Evelina. They both met accidentally when Odalis and Evelina both were working in the same company.

Evelina was a TV presenter and a model by her profession. However, the couple has to face some problems at first. Later, they managed it and continue their relationship. After a year, again they met with some difficulties and problems came into their lives and finally decided to go for separate. The reason for the separation is Evelina can’t handle his attitude. His behavior also worries her.

Evelina García Instagram

Sometimes she thinks, Odalis did not take those steps which are shameful, insulted, and offending for us, and can’t make eye contact with anybody else. She also says he used to drink a lot, attempt to break the windows and mirrors and yelled at me for no reason. Even he tries to rape me two times but somehow I protect myself and he can’t do anything wrong with me. His alcohol addiction was becoming bigger and bigger day by day. He drank all day and tried so much to stop him but he didn’t listen to me at all and left him alone. That’s the reason why is she left him.

The couple had a beautiful daughter. Her name is Ambar Evelina, she was born in 2008. In past, Perez made other relationships and slept with beautiful girls from which he was two kids whose name is Odalis Jr and Odalis Angel. We still finding more and more information but right now we have only this amount of information.


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