Home News NYS Trooper arrested: Murder in Ramming Pursuit That Killed 11-Year-Old In UK

NYS Trooper arrested: Murder in Ramming Pursuit That Killed 11-Year-Old In UK


NYS Trooper arrested: Murder in Ramming Pursuit That Killed 11-Year-Old In UK: Today we are here with very unbelievable havoc. After reading it, you will get stunned and remain shocked that something like this can be done by a policeman. You might be wondering why we are saying this. So let us tell you that policemen are our protectors, of our society and symbolize as our security guards too but after reading today’s news your confusion will also be removed. Because a policeman did a very choppy act so that the faith of the society in policemen is going to be destroyed. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com


NYS Trooper arrested

A police officer Christopher Blander accused of murdering 11 year old. He ram a car of the 11-year-old when he was at the patrol on New York State Thruway. He was on duty and he use his police vehicle to ram a car of such a young one. this has been claimed by Attorney General Letitia James. this took place in the year 2020 on December 22, Thrsitane Good was on a drive-in the lane of Nithebkund of Thruway and he was along with his family including his wife and two daughters one was 11 and another one was 12. He was not aware f what will be going to happen next.

Then Troper was there and he stood the car of Goods and he told him that you were at the high speed in Ulster County. Before this, he also deployed the pepper spray in the car, and then Good run from thereby speeding up. Then the Trooper tried to push the car of Good twice and at the second Puch his car went on flips and it flipped several times. Thus at the same time, his daughter who was 11 years old ejected from the car and she died at the spot.

James gave a statement that said, “police officers are trusted ones these use to be known as the protectors but Trooper’s action took away the life of 11 year old innocent.”

Charges against the Trooper are:-

  • He is charged with attempting second-degree murder.
  • He is charged with manslaughter in the second degree.
  • And also charged with reckless endangerment in the first degree.

The incident was so horrifying that it took away the life of an innocent girl who was just 11. The trooper was suspended from his post at the same time. And he was sentenced to 25 years of life in prison is charged with attempting second-degree murder.

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