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Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Cards: Availability, Where to Buy Online?


Nvidia has recently announced that the new RTX 3080 TI graphic card is going to be available and it is all set to be released today that means on 3rd June, It seems like that buying a graphic card hasn’t been that easy lately and that is the reason that the demand for the new graphic card is going to be off the roof as people have been eyeing the graphic card and they will be ready to pounce on it as soon as the card comes and it seems like that the card is going to be unavailable as it is going to be sold out in no time,

Nvidia Rtx 3080 Ti Graphics Cards

Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Cards

The people who are planning to buy the graphic card then it is better for them to buy the card from Best Buy as they have announced that they are going to make the graphic card available in all of the 81 stores that they have and the customers are going to have a chance to grab one of the Founder’s edition of it which are going to be limited in number and by opting for Best Buy the customer can have the chance to but the special edition of the graphic card.

And for the people who want to know about the nearest store that is near to their location, for that the customer can go the official website of Best Buy and they can find the store which is convenient to them and also the stores are going to be handing out tickets for the cards which they are going to do at 7:30 am at the local time and the people who are going to receive the ticket are definitely going to be able to buy a card which they will be able to buy from 9:00 am onwards which is according to the local time.

There is also a rule that one customer can only buy a single card and that is going to decrease the number of cases where the cards are being bought to be resold by the customers and that is going to be beneficial for the company but that is not going to limit the demand of the cards as people are going to try finding ways to buy these cards no matter what and that is going to be evident as Best Buy is going to be the only store which is going to provide the customer with the founder’s edition of the card and for those customers are going to be pretty desperate.

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