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Nuclear War China vs USA: China State Media warns ‘Nuclear Showdown’ Must Prepare for Nuclear War with United States


China again took news headlines by its deadly reactions to the United States.  In the most esteemed newspaper of China, a government of the country warned and threatened the United States “With a high-intensity showdown”, there is a possibility of nuclear weapons involvement too.

China State Media

Nuclear War China vs USA

The editor of the Chinese newspaper “Global Times”, Mr. Hu Xijin passed a statement in which he mentioned that it had been becoming essential to inform the country about the nuclear program which was most crucial and important for the “strategic deterrence” of the country which was planned against U.S (United States).

China threatens the U.S after the Bidens organized a meeting for the investigation of the origin of the deadly coronavirus.

After which MR. He himself wrote in the Global Times that “we soon be preparing ourselves for a ferocious showdown and this is necessary which will be going to take place between China and US. He further added that United Dates must get a shiver when they get to know about the number of nuclear weapons of our country and they should run out of the ground just by knowing the numbers of nuclear weapons.

He not only stops here and further wrote on the number of strategic missiles and nuclear warheads. He focused on the increase the quantity so that United State can’t even get ready to fight and face China in the showdown. He even mentions the missile name “Dongfeng 41′ which is amazing with the features of Survival capabilities and Long Ranging.

China has become insecure and it reacted just after U.S President Biden asked for his US intelligence bureau to Inavatiagte the origin of the most contagious and deadly Corona Virus. This clearly indicates that China is afraid of getting involved in the covid-19 origin list and this might raise from here only, well this has been yet to be confirmed.

The coronavirus killed more than three million people all over the world. While America also replied to China which makes China shivers and even made them think twice to Threaten U.S again for the nuclear showdown.

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