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Not Muscles You Need Timing To Hit Sixes


The Countdown for Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021  has begun, In India, IPL is another festival. The craze among fans for IPL is unmatched to any other sports tournament, The Theme song for 2021 is “India Ka Apna Mantra” celebrating the spirit of India. IPL 2021 is scheduled to be played between April 9 and May 30 2021 and will be taking place across six cities in the country.


It will be the IPL’s return to India as the last edition of the tournament was played in UAE which ended without the loss of even one over in any of the 60 matches played there. The stage is all set for IPL 2021 to begin and expectations of fans from the IPL 2021 are high and the enthusiasm for IPL is at an all-time high due to the return of IPL to India amidst this ongoing pandemic.

Importance of Hitting Sixes

The 20-20 Format of IPL makes it very competitive for teams to make a huge score to defend against the other team hence hitting sixes becomes necessary for the players in order to win the match. Also, it is the different styles of sixes that players hit that the audience enjoys the most. The importance of hitting sixes in a cricket match is much like the importance of humor in everyday life. A six stimulates the pace of the game and brings all the thrill. 

Cricketers find the feeling of hitting a six to be the best. Many cricketers have made interesting records in hitting sixes like the record of Yuvraj Singh and Keiron Pollard of hitting six sixes in a row In the T20 format. Chris Gayle holds the record for hitting a remarkable 349 sixes in IPL as of now followed by AB de Villiers with  235 sixes and MS Dhoni with 216 sixes followed by Rohit  Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Kieron Pollard and the list goes on.

What it takes to hit a Sixer

Modern-day cricket is thrilling and has evolved a lot over the years but the basics of the game remain the same. Cricketers have developed their own styles of hitting the ball off the boundary line. What it takes to hit a six is what most people want to know. Kevin Pietersen, in his recent video with Betway, revealed it’s not muscles that you need to hit a six.

They think it’s about confidence and knowing the tools that a batsman has with him. It’s important for a player to know which ball is meant to be hit for a six and for him to take the opportunity at the right timing.

This means a player needs to identify his strong zone and the length at which he can hit the ball out of the boundary line. Cricketers believe that the weight of the bat doesn’t really change things much but it has an enormous effect on the mental side of things. Cricketers like Kevin Peterson say that throughout their career there has been a significant reduction in the size of their bat. Cricketers like Hardik Pandya, AB De Villiers, and  Nicolas Pooran aren’t well muscled, however, they can still hit huge sixes. This demonstrates that it doesn’t take muscles to hit a six but the right technique and the appropriate timing.

With all being said, we look forward to seeing new records being set, more sixes, more boundaries, and a whole lot of fun in this upcoming IPL season.

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