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North Gower Accident: Driver Crashes Into North Gower Store Overnight


There is an almost terrible and horrible accident that took place in the North Gower. The incident was of a car crashed which was taken at the midnight. The crash was so dangerous and so heart-shivering. Why did accidents take place on the roads, we all know it very well? But some of us forget to take safety, measures while driving which include, slow driving, don’t drive if you are drunk, and keep the speed of your vehicle. So the disaster crashed of eth vehicle took place on 5th September 2021. The investigators are going to report the whole incident after the full and complete investigation of the incident.

North Gower Accident

North Gower Accident

When the accident took place the emergency crews were called at the spot to the Per-kins Home Building Centre which is so near to Roger Stevens Drive and the Fourth Linde Road. The incident took place at 12:45 am. The vehicle was crashed against a wall of the building. The Ottawa firefighters had been seen to bring out the drivers on the wreckage and it was going through by 1:30 am. Ottawa Paramedic gives a statement “that a man was taken to the hospital by the policeman and he had injuries to his head and leg.”

So here lot of questions going on in your mind related to an incident like who was that man? does someone else get hurt in the crash? So let us tell you that, no one was hurt in the crash and the Crew was called for the clean-up. Whereas the general manager, “Mr. Mark Perkins, wasn’t on the town to look don’t this matter when he got to know about an accident.” He gives a statement in which he said that “as per my views it isn’t sunk in yet. Well, there wasn’t a single person inside a store when this incident happened.”

The car was stuck alone 20 feet in the store and it was brought out from the building around 10 am. The store will going to remain close till Monday and will reopen on Tuesday. The building was here for teh last 70 years and is highly popular in that area.

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