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North Carolina: Who Is Thomas Eric McDowell, Jessica Gutierrez Missing Case Murder Suspect Arrested


North Carolina: Who Is Thomas Eric McDowell, Jessica Gutierrez Missing Case Murder Suspect Arrested: We all know that the internet is the platform where you will be able to hear all kinds of news and information regards anything. Even we will also get to read the crime news such as murder, missing, robberies, and homicides. Just like this, we are here to share with you .about the crime attempted by Thomas Eric. He had been attempted a most heart-shivering crime in which he took ways the life of the kid and it was done by him almost 30 years ago. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Thomas Eric McDowell

Who Is Thomas Eric McDowell?

He was the first to kidnap a child and after this, he had been killed. These days he is sterling all over the intent and everyone is getting curious to know more about him. But this time he has been in the news headlines due to one more crime. As we all know that prison is to send the criminals there so that they can realize they were wrong and will not going repeat it ever again in their life. But in his case, he again murdered Jessica Gutierrez. Evreyeosn on the internet are asking to give justice to her.

Jessica Gutierrez Missing Case Murder Suspect Arrested

Thomas Eric is 61 years old now and he had been again into another murder case. Thomas is the only suspect in the missing case of Jessica Guiterrez’s She was the 4-year-old child in the year 1986 when he had been missing. So when she was in sleep along with her two sites in her bedroom. There is a claim from Jessica’s six-year-old sister whose name is not known yet, she had been stated that a man came to the room and he kidnapped her 4-year-old sisters.

While her family was in a misconception that their daughter might have been kidnapped by their known one. So basically nothing has been cleared. Thomas is now 61 years old and he is also found on Facebook but we do not know his handle. But there is one of his photos that is getting viral all over the internet. While the family of the victim is still looking for justice for their daughter but no updates have been passed yet regards the same. Stay tuned to us to catch more updates on the same by bookmarking us and following our site.

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