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Who is Norm Macdonald’s wife Connie and kids?


Who is Norm Macdonald’s wife Connie and kids? Norm Macdonald has been passed away on Tuesday. He was the most popular comedian and his death has been shocked the entire industry. He was also known for his best and hilarious sequences. He dies at aged 61 and he was treated against cancer. He batteling against this dangerous disease for the last nine years. He was blessed with a son. From his ex ‘wife Connie, he had a son named Dylan. He was the best comedian and people appreciated his talent a lot. He was so close to his son. And he keeps on shared about his son on social media.

Norm Macdonald

Who is Norm Macdonald’s wife Connie and kids?

Whereas his ex-wife Connie was quiet on social media after their divorce. They tied knots to each other in 1988. They stayed in a marriage for 11 years and then they got separated in the year 1999. We have seen him on social media sharing pictures of him and his son. They both use to be meet a lot and they share time with each other. Well, Connie has always seen trying to keep their relation away from the media and she even avoids facing media. His Ex-wife is a therapist and there isn’t much information about her on social media.

Norm use to love his son so much and after being separated from his wife. He couldn’t stop himself to stay away from his son so, he shifted moved from La, so that he can meet his son when he wants to.

He stated that “that there is a reason why I’m so excited t move to Los Angeles as I will going to meet my son.”

A friend of his son died at his home while he visited there to stay with his son. The name of his friend was Michael Huettner, this has need when Dylan and Norm were on vacation and he was doing a housesitting. Michael Huettner was 23 years old, and he was looking after their home and cat. Police claimed that after an investigation they didn’t found any sort of criminal activity at the spot.

Norm used to be share about his son on social media. He told that they ok both used to be admired B.J. Novak’s books.

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