Home News Noor Mukadam Mother Zahir Jaffer Arrested In Islamabad

Noor Mukadam Mother Zahir Jaffer Arrested In Islamabad


The police has arrested the parents of Zahir Jaffer as they are being stated as the suspect for killing Noor Mukadam who is the daughter of the former ambassador of Pakistan which is to South Korea naming Shaukat Mukadam, the arrest has happened after some hours after the suspect was presented to the court and it seems like that Noor Mukadam has started off a nationwide outrage in Pakistan as there are thousands of people who are calling out the authorities for taking the case to the logical end.

Noor Mukadam Mother Zahir Jaffer

Noor Mukadam Mother Zahir Jaffer

The post-mortem report has come and it is being stated that the report of Noor Mukadam has been released on Friday as it has been stated that she was beheaded after being murdered in the land of Islamabad, It has also been mentioned that on 20th July, there was a woman who was in her twenties who is the daughter of former ambassador had been slain dead by her own friend in the vicinity of the police station in Kohsar.

The incident has been confirmed by the Kohsar Police and it has been further stated by the police that they have detained Zahir Jaffar who was behind the murder of Noor Muakadam who is the daughter of the former Ambassador.

The case is being deeply studied and it seems like there is a public outrage in Pakistan because of the incident as there are many questions that are in the minds of the citizens about the situation as the people are not at all happy that an innocent girl has been the prey in the dirty politics that is being going on and also this is between two countries who are not able to see each other on the same page and because of that an innocent girl has lost his life which is not at all fair.

The outrage is going to be there as the situation is not at all settling as government is also in pressure and it seems like that the people are questioning the authorities that they are not able to tackle the situation and it can only be solved if the authorities come out explaining the people that what all they are doing to contain the situation.

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