Social Media is a platform that can hype up things in seconds. Every day lots of videos and news keeps circulating on the internet through social media, some of them prove to be true whereas a lot of times the news seems to fake.

Recently, a video of DLF Mall Noida has been circulating on the internet. In the video, we can see that the roof of the mall collapses. The roof is crumbling down and falling, raising a cloud of dust. The video went viral on social media platforms and has been circulating at full speed. Although no one has given any confirmation on the news, even the netizens are confused about whether the video is true or fake.

DLF Mall of India Roof Collapse Footage

Speculations are made on whether the roof was actually collapsing due and accident or it is because of the construction or renovation activity taking place. According to some reports, there was construction work going on in the mall. The cinema halls were being renovated and some changes were being made. As the government has laid guidelines to maintain social distancing in all public places, hence as a result the cinema halls are being renovated to ensure the guideline is being fulfilled and social distancing is being maintained in the halls.

Locals around the area have been worried and confused about the collapsing of the wall. They have been raising alarm to the Noida police regarding the collapse of the roof. On the other hand, the mall authorities have a different saying about the video. They told the police that the video is one month old. And after a month the video has been gaining fire on social media.

The case is not clear yet, the police and the local authorities have been working on the case to find out whether the video is real or a fake. They are investigating whether actually, the roof collapsed or it just an old video that is just revolving.

Further details regarding the case are awaiting.



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