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Noel Conway Death Reason: Assisted dying campaigner Noel Conway Passes Away 71


Noel Conway who had started a right-to-die campaign passed away on June 9. He was a native of Shropshire. He was also known as ill assisted dying Campaigner. He was 71 at the time of his death. He has gained huge popularity and respect in his life. He lived his whole life as a very kind and generous person. He was one of the most prominent and well-known personalities. He inspired a number of people and taught life lessons to many people. After getting the news of his demise, his close friends and dear ones are paying soulful tribute to him. Our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Noel Conway

Noel Conway Death Reason

His death news is confirmed by his wife Carol, who said that Noel passed away at his home in Shropshire. In 2014, He was diagnosed with Neurone disease, since then he went on the ventilator to breathe. He has died after made a decision with his family to remove his ventilator. In a statement, his wife said that Noel has painless and dignified death, dying peacefully and in control. She said that Noel’s state was in control at the time of removing the ventilator and that was more important at that time.

Noel was 71 years old, former lecturer. He started a campaign to bring changes in the law related to assisted dying. He took his campaign to SC (Supreme Court), fighting for his Human right to die but the SC rejected his appeal in 2018. Noel was completed dependent on the ventilator to breathe. In a statement, he said that he has come to know that, after removing his ventilator, he would be dead in eight hours.

Noel often shared her feelings that how he felt after diagnosis with neuron disease. He openly talked about that how badly he was suffering from his disease. He also made a group for his campaign. After knowing his death news, his campaign group paid a tribute to him saying that he will be remembered as a loving father, husband, friend, grandfather, lecturer, mentor. Noel Conway leaves the world on 19 June 2021 (Wednesday). His family member needs our support and peace in this tough time. We hope that God will give them courage and strange to his family. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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