There has been a sad demise of a model and an artist who goes by the name of Nisha Ghimire who underwent treatment at the Norvic hospital, she has been declared dead, she died at 6:51 pm on Wednesday while she was undergoing treatment, this has been stated by the hospital.

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Who is Nisha Ghimire?

It has been stated by the Chief Executive at Norvic hospital, everyone is deeply saddened because of the death of model Ghimire who was getting treated in the CCU in the hospital, and even though she made so many efforts to live on, she died an untimely death, the name of the Chief Executive is Ajay Mishra.

Nisha got injured in the accident, she was reduced by the Norvic hospital dating to 10th June while she was suffering at home in a critical condition and as she got rescued, the hospital was providing her with free treatment but her condition didn’t improve even after she was being provided with continuous treatment, she was being treated in the CCU under constant oxygen support.

Nisha Ghimire Accident

She was not able to eat solid food and in order to feed, there was a liquid diet and pipes which were involved when it comes to feeding her, even the wounds which were on her body didn’t heal for a very long time. The condition got more intense on Wednesday in the morning after her kidneys and heart stopped working which was related to her death.

There are many things which are still not known about the case, who did this to her, how did she end up in this situation, there are many questions which are unanswered as of yet, the investigation is being carried out by the authorities and there are surely going to be some new revelations about the case which we are going to be updating you about as soon as something related to the story comes under our radar.

Nisha Ghimire Age, Instagram

It seems like tributes are flowing on the internet after her sad and untimely death, many people on the internet have stated how brave she was as she never gave up and kept fighting to stay alive, there have been no statements by her family as of yet. In these difficult times, it is better to not disturb the family who has just lost their family member.

The funeral details are going to be shared by the family when they are going to feel comfortable enough to comment on the family member’s death, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.



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