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Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Where To Buy Or Pre-Order Nintendo Switch OLED Model


This has become a theme for the companies as whenever they plan to launch a big product, there are always many accessories that get launched with the new system and it seems like that it has been shared by Nintendo as they have shown the first look of the carry case of Nintendo switch and also the screen protector.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Nintendo Switch OLED Model

The case is going to be carrying a black and white focused design as they wanted to keep the theme of the new colour that they have made for the system and it is also going to be coming with a screen protector which is going to be launched for both of the models, doesn’t matter old or new and it is going to be launched at the same date when the OLED model is going to be launched which is also going to provide you with an option to house the original system.

The carry case and the screen protector are going to be launched on the same date as the Switch OLED model’s launch and is going to be offered for $19.99 USD and the prices are going to be the equivalent of your regional currency and it seems like that the customers are pretty excited about the launch of the new OLED and the new carry case as the accessories always come in handy and the best part about these launches are that the companies try to carry on the same theme for the accessories which makes the accessories more special for the customers.

It seems like that some of the enthusiast are not happy about the big screen as even though the screen is OLED the games are still going to be running at the same resolution which is 720p for lots of games and the drawback of the bigger scene is that the lower resolutions are going to be more noticeable as the resolution is same as before and they have made the screen larger which seems to be an issue for many of the players.

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