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Nikita Jasmine Surgery Before and After Photos: Celebs Go Dating Star Shares Pain


Nikita Jasmine Surgery Before and After Photos: Celebs Go Dating Star Shares Pain: One of the famous social media influencers is again in news nowadays. She always is in the news about her new clothing and style. As per the details, she took surgery on her body for becoming more attractive. After taking the surgery, according to a report she is facing problems. She is also in the news because of her new dating news. To whom she is dating became a question these days. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Nikita Jasmine

Nikita Jasmine Surgery Before and After Photos

Nikita is 27 years a social media influencer. She is a county Durham sales assistant, who rose to fame after starring in Married at first sight UK. Nikita also worked as a model. She did modeling as a lingerie model for the Belle Rogazza underwear brand and has her own website, only fans. She got huge fame after doing modeling.

Nowadays she is in news because of her dating news. Nikita Jasmine the star of Celebs goes dating. She also revealed on the internet with her most recent Instagram post that she felt huge pain following a covert procedure of surgery. She posted, “ I’m awake but terribly sore and very fatigued”.

Nikita Jasmine Surgery Photos

It is not clear when did she took surgery. It is totally unknown, but there is a surety that she took surgery. She before becoming renowned on E4’s Married At First Sight, the 27 years old had already spoken freely about her cosmetic surgery. She revealed that she took three full-body liposuction surgeries, two for breast augmentations, a Brazilian bum lift, and a nose surgery. These are all surgery she performed on her. She also said that she also took her teeth whitened before declaring that she is not “not a Plastic Barbie doll”. These all fact has been revealed by the E4 personality.

Changes on Nikita’s Photos after and before

It is very to distinguish between the Nikita’s after and before photographs. It could be clearly seen, on which part she took surgery. Her appearance has changed over time. Such as her curvier figure. If you would go to her Instagram page, you could be clearly seen the difference in her previous and after images. Her body appearance has been changed very highly. Some of the netizens are liking her new appearance many of them do not like it. Netizens are saying, we are all made by God, we should live with her original personality. Rather than what the benefit of taking such a huge pain for changing the body appearance.

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