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Night Curfew In Punjab Check Timing Guidelines Rules Districts


Following up the night curfew in the other states Punjab government has also decided to implement the night curfew between 9:00 pm to 5:00 am till April 30 because of the increase in corona cases after the 2nd wave that has hit the country like a storm. Even political gatherings have been banned by the government.

Night Curfew In Punjab

Night Curfew In Punjab

Punjab is one of the main hubs aside Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, and Delhi when it comes to the biggest contributor when it comes to the corona infected people’s rise that has come after the 2nd wave, and even the union health minister has come up with a statement stating that 80% of the cases in Punjab have the variant of UK in them which is an alarming situation. He also suggested that this sudden boom in the cases is also have been happening because of the blazing and outrageous marriage functions, pubs, and other public gathering events which need to be stopped for the time being. He stated that people need to be responsible in these times of desperation.

This has come after the implementation of the night curfew that has happened in Delhi but the center has made the states aware that this curfew will have a limited impact on the rising corona cases as has been noticed in Maharashtra.

Night Curfew In Punjab Check Timing Guidelines


1,15,736 corona cases have been recorded in India on Wednesday which is the most cases in the whole world for a day since the pandemic has taken place, this data has been shown in the health ministry. It has crossed 1.28 crore corona cases in the country and moreover, 630 fatalities have been recorded which is a situation of huge concern that needs to be tackled at all cost.

The tally has been moving up in a devastating manner and the 2nd wave needs to be controlled and it’ll only happen when the government has the support of the people because if people will act irresponsibly then the cases are just going to peak every single day which will be a huge concern for the country.

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