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Is Nier Replicant sequel to Nier Automata? Explained


Is Nier Replicant a sequel to Nier Automata? Explained: If you are a fan of anime then this blog is particularly for you. Anime leaks are common news to read on social media, particularly trending throughout the world on Twitter with only a few pieces of information. This week as well, the biggest anime leak comes from the successful and hit video game series “NieR: Automata”, a title that launched in the year 2017. Though, members of the NieR: Automata community have given a surprisingly mixed reaction to the leak pointing out an anime adaptation is in the works. Continue to read to get more information on this topic. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Nier Replicant

Is Nier Replicant sequel to Nier Automata?

On Friday, 4th February 2022, the famous Twitter page “Spanku_u” shared a picture of the NieR: Automata and asserted that the video game will be getting an anime adaptation. The page, which connected in the month of March 2020, shares information about forthcoming anime projects, is broadly considered to be a typically credible source for the latest anime news.

The post, which only said that “NieR: Automata” will be getting an anime adaptation!” later went viral on Twiter, with more than 28,000 likes and 4,000 retweets from admirers. At present, no production firm or associated distributors have officially declared the production of a NieR: Automata anime.

Admirers Have Mixed Reactions To The Leak

Admirers of the NieR: Automata video game has had decidedly mixed responses and reactions to the viral Twitter post concerning a conceivable anime adaption. Replying to the post, one social media user penned, “How on earth would that even work regarding how being a game is kinda essential to how the plot is informed?”

To which another user wrote that “apart from not being capable of playing yourself (which is almost any game adaptation ever) I can not think of anything else that had been really lost on the medium switch.”

A similar presumption can be discovered across the other replies to the supposed leak. User “Traster” stated that they were “honestly not that much happy” about the leak, arguing that “For me, it is not possible that can mimic the same level of dousing and weight that the game has.”


Although the hearsay encircled a potential NieR: Automata anime adaptation endure just that, hearsay, there is a growing sense of expectation for another project in the community. Since its release in the year 2017, the game become a cultural expectation and arguably the most-identifiable part of the broader Drakengard franchise. Though the admirers of the series have been limited to collaborations with other multi-media projects over the past few years back.

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