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Who is Nicôle Lecky on The Graham Norton Show?


Who is Nicôle Lecky on The Graham Norton Show?: BBC 3 is restarting as a proper television channel from 2nd February 2022, Wednesday onwards, and the need of the channel to pull audience attraction before kick start of the channel properly and in order to execute this the Graham Norton Show was lined up by many A-grade stars in which Nicole Lecky was at the forefront of the lineup. Graham Norton is the host of the show as the show has titled on his name as The Graham Norton Show, basically, it is a British comedy show which is broadcasting on BBC 3. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Nicôle Lecky

Who is Nicôle Lecky on The Graham Norton Show?

Graham Norton’s show is catching everyone’s attention and people always enjoy the humourous and witty interaction of Graham Norton with the guests. Read the full blog to know what was happened in the latest episode of the show. On 28th January 2022, Nicole Lecky was on the red sofa in Graham Norton’s weekly talk show along with high-rated Hollywood personalities such as James McAvoy, Penelope Cruz, Ella Henderson, and worldwide renowned director Pedro Almodovar.

She is well known as an actress and songwriter. “Superhoe” is the monologue that was played in 2019 at The Royal Court and now Nicole Lecky comes up with the new drama titled ‘Mood’ series adapted from her previous monologue and it will be telecast on BBC 3 later this year. Mood cast team is featured with many other artists their names are Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones), Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones), Mia Jenkins (Hanna), Lara Peake (Brave New World), and  Jessica Hynes (Years and Years) along with Nicole Lecky and Sasha will be played by Nicole.

Nicôle Lecky: Age and Instagram

As per the songs that Lecky creates the drama follows a 25 years old Sasha who is a wannabe rapper and singer of a major recording label but currently she is just a bedroom singer who spares her full time in stalking her ex-boyfriend(Jordan Duvigneau Duvigneau) and smoking weed and avoids her parents (Jessica Hynes and Paul Kaye). Sasha also has a sister in Mood named Megan(Mia Jenkins).

Nicole Lecky has many talents like singing, acting, and writing, 16th May 1990 is her date of birth. Nicole has been seen on various shows like Bloods, Sense8, and Death in Paradise in the past few years and also create many episodes of EastEnders in 2010 she has also got credits for writing an episode of Ackley Bridge in 2019. Currently, she is 31 years old woman of many talents. Recently she appeared in Unsaid Stories as Jordan in 2020.

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