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Nicola Sturgeon Sister Breaking Covid Rules On Train To Edinburgh


A sister of Nicola Surgeon has been trolled on social media after she used to share some of her pictures from her journey. She is on yeh headlines due to her actions. Gill Surgeon posted pictures of herself on the social media platform while she was traveling to Edinburgh. In those pics, she has been sen breaking Covid rules. And this is unacceptable. When she realized that what she posted is wrong.

Nicola Sturgeon Sister

Nicola Sturgeon Sister

She used to delete her picture. In the picture she was seen traveling in a ScotRail train without covering her face, she posted it on Saturday. As we all know that the covid-19 promotional had been launched by the Nicola Surgeon itself and she said thet while traveling to public transport you must need to wear a face mask. This is for the safety of you and your citizens. So it is embarrassing for her that her one sister is breaking a rule and this has been made headlines now.

While she posted her pic, Gill’s mother reminds her that she has been g aginst the most crucial rule. Gill also twitted her words regarding the same in which she had been said that “I’m on the way to Edinburg. Pin Curls in…. hoping for the best, it gonna be good when I will going to bring them out. It is the last day for the liquid foundation folks.”

While her other find her without the mask in the picture she used to comment, “Mak On”. And this flooded her comment box with the same reactions. Then Gill also replied to her neither that “you don’t need it when you are sitting.”

Later she received one more comment, “Don’t know about this before.” Later some Facebook users also commented that she must wear masks as it is mandatory. And there are so many comments like this on her post. But later she uses to remove the post as she got offended.

The spokesperson of the Scottish government had been revealed that her actions are against coronavirus rules. Hre further stated that she must not repeat her attitude and keep remember that makes it mandatory.’Later she will be seen apologizing for this and also mention that she will never ever hong to create again.

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