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Nicky Banfield: Justin Goolsby Shooting and Justice March


Who Is Nicky Banfield? One name which is constantly in the hype over the Internet is Nicki Banfield whose name is related to the case of Justin Goolsby. Justin Goolsby, a Nevada, Missouri man, is demised after a firing at an I-49 gas station. Currently, the Justice for Justin is trending all over the Internet especially on TikTok and Twitter after being shot to demise by Steven Sam Vignolo who is 62-years-old. But the question is here that’s why the name of Nicky Banfield is appearing in this shooting case and how she is associated with this crime, let’s find out it together. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Nicky Banfield

Who Is Nicky Banfield?

The name of Nicky is rising in the media after the assassination of Justin Goolsby. At present we don’t know who she is and what exactly her role is in this case. She might be connected with Justin Goolsby and Steven Sam Vignolo. But we are not claiming this fact as we don’t have official information about her and her role in this case.

The accuser Steven Sam Vignolo is charged with first-degree assassination and armed criminal action for assassinating Justin. He is being held sans bond in the Vernon County Prison. Missouri grandfather, Steven San Vignolo (62-years-old) was apprehended after assassinating Justin Goolsby (32-years-old) who reportedly sexually abused his granddaughter.

During an interview with Steven, he recorded he was angry at Goolsby for reportedly touching his granddaughter. The toddler was also the daughter of Goolsby. He knew that Goolsby would have custody of the child which exchange this evening, and he knew it usually occurred at Pilot Travel Center. So in the mode of rage and anger, he shot the man for the safety of his granddaughter, and in order to stop the abuse and he found no other way to stop this crime.

Steven should have taken help from the cop and the matter to the court and but sadly, he took the other way around.

Justin Goolsby Shooting And Justice March

Justin Goolsby has been in the limelight and #JusticeForJustine is trending on several social media platforms. But the question remains that he was abusing his daughter and people are still on his side and seeking justice for him.

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  1. Of course people want justice for him bc the baby mama was lying saying he abused her and set him up. Do you have proof he sexually abused her? Oh ok


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