There is going to be a new brawl star game that is going to be launched by Nickelodeon and the name of the game is All-star Brawl and the game is going to be featuring The Teenage Mutant Ninja, Spongebob square pants, invader Zim, turtles, and many more.


Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s Confirmed

The game is going to be launched for many of the consoles as it is going to be available in Xbox series, play station 4, and also in the Xbox series, as it can be seen in the trailer above and it seems like that the brawler is going to be named as Super Smash Bros and the goal is not about depleting the health of your opponent but it is about knocking the other person’s character.

the game is going to be having 20 stages and if the person is born in the ’90s then they are really going to have super fun as the players are going to be many of the cartoons that used to come on Nickelodeon, the concern is that the game is not going to have ROCKO’S MODERN LIFE but at this point in time it has not been stated that if the roster is going to have a full roaster.

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