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Nick Gauntlett Accident: Top Eventer Loses 4 Horses Died In Accident


There has been a sad demise of four horses which has occurred in a tragic road accident, this happened on 24th August as there was an event going on which was international event rider.  It has been announced by Nick Gauntlett about the loss of four of his beloved horses in a tragic and horrific road accident.

Nick Gauntlett Accident

Nick Gauntlett Accident

The horses were returning from the competition which was Land Rover Blair Castle International trials of horses, the horsebox of the eventer got broken down which happened 30 minutes before reaching the site. It has been stated they were waiting for recovery services, his team and Nick watched at the time as the recovery services were arriving, they watched a lorry which was plowing at the side of the horsebox.

The sad news was announced by Nick as he stated about the details of the event as he stated, his horse and three of the fellow eventer horses have been lost in the incident. It has been further stated Party Trick was all set to campaign for this autumn, meanwhile, it has been stated Sophie has lost horses when she was competing for 1* and 2* levels when it comes to Blair Castle.

4 Horses Died In Accident

The reason behind the incident is still unknown, it has not been stated as of yet as to what has caused this to happen and how did this tragic event unfolded, it seems like there are going to be many complications while investigating the case.

4 lives have been lost in the tragic accident, there has been no indication about how many cars were involved, there is no indication of drink and drive being involved, there are many questions which are still unanswered about the incident, this is because the investigation is still going on.

We are going to be here to tell you about the latest happenings if something about the tragic event is going to come under our radar, we will update you about it immediately, as of now it seems like there are not many details which are released in the public domain.

It seems like the cases of accidents are just not stopping, every day there are new cases of tragic accidents and people are dying because of it, people need to understand, it is not only about their safety but also about the safety of the people who traveling on the road just like them and being irresponsible is going to be doing no one a favor.

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