Home Accident Next Cash And Carry On Fire Video Viral On Social Media

Next Cash And Carry On Fire Video Viral On Social Media


Next Cash And Carry On Fire Video Viral On Social Media: A fire incident is making the news headlines and not only on the media channels spot si also scattering river the social media platforms. While there are numerous users getting impatient to know more about the same. This took place in Abuja in the Jahi area. It was so collapsed that it’s’ making the news headlines now. The blaze burst at the mall and this had happened on Sunday morning. Stay tuned to the blog to get complete detail about the incident. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Next Cash And Carry On Fire

Next Cash And Carry On Fire Video

Jahi is the Federal Capital Territory where the incident took place and it happened around 10:00 am in the morning. So in the pictures, you can see that the think grey smoke is coming out from the mall. The flames were so high and it was so heart-shivering to witness those dangerous and high flames. The emergency service was put their efforts for long hours and after this, they were able to take control of the situation. There were many emergency services as the blaze was collapsed. So at the time of the report, the cause of the fire isn’t revealed.

While the rescue and fire extinguishing is going on police imposed the closer in the areas and due to this many of the people faced an issue. Many of you guys are getting so impatient to know the reason behind the blaze. So let us tell you that there aren’t any updates on the reason behind the blaze. The police and the officials are still deeply investigating the matter.

Later the head of the emergency services was talked to the media and they used to be explained the situation they have been dealing with. They said that “The Whole of Next Cash and Carry is on fire. And the FCT and Federal Fire services were putting their best efforts to control the flames.”

He further said that “we also called the Armed forces, Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Air Force as they are gonna be handled the situation completely.”

So the building vanishes in a blaze but there is no harm to any of the people.

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