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Newark Airport TSA Agent Saves Baby: TSA Officer Saves Baby At Newark Airport


Newark Airport TSA Agent Saves Baby: The news is coming from Newark, N.J.- just a couple of months on the job as a Transportation Security Administration officer, there is a woman whose past work as an EMT kicked in as she heard a mother shouting for help in Newark Liberty International Airport. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Newark Airport Tsa Agent Saves Baby

Newark Airport TSA Agent Saves Baby

The mom noticed her son who wasn’t breathing at the time, TSA officials have stated on Thursday, she tried to rouse her 2-month-old son unsuccessfully. TSA Officer Cecilia Morales hears the screams for help and shouted instructions to the mom, it has been stated Morales that, “she was so nervous and I knew if I didn’t get over there, it wasn’t going to be a good outcome,” she further added, “I jumped over the checkpoint conveyor belt rollers and she gave me the baby. I performed the infant Heimlich maneuver on him.”

The video from the airport captures Morales who rushed to help, it has been stated by Morales that she has seen the video. She further added, “It was the first time I’ve ever seen myself in action, saving a life. It was mind-blowing to watch. I felt that my training and experience just took over.”

They waited there for the paramedic EMT to arrive and to give the infant some oxygen, Morales had done the Heimlich on adults and children in her decade as an EMT but the incident at Newark was the first time performing the life-saving technique on a baby. It has been stated by Thomas Carter who is the TSA’s Federal Security Director for New Jersey, “Two months on the job and she’s literally a life-saver”.

He further added. “Officer Morales’s quick reaction and actions helped ensure that this family will have a happy holiday season. Her actions were inspiring.” There are going to be further details on the story in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further revelations as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the case.

This seems to be a developing story and there are going to be a lot of informative points which are going to be stated by the authorities, we are going to be back with the updates.

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