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Who was Neville Pillay? Tributes Pour In Durban Funnyman Neville Pillay Passes Away At 45


Who was Neville Pillay? What was Neville Pillay’s cause of death? Comedian Passed Away at 45, How did Neville Pillay die?: The death of Neville Pillay is making the headlines and his fans are in huge grief. He was the a with the most attractive and cutest smile. He was best known for his comedic and hilarious sequences. He was also known as the Durban Dj. His fans are devastated to listen to the death news of their most favorite person. He passed away due to the covid-19. He was suffering from the covid-19 complications.

Neville Pillay

Who was Neville Pillay?

He was on the testament but can’t be saved. He passed away on Thursday, land this is the news of his death disheartened his friends. He was the most best known as Durban Radio voice. He was worked at the East Coast Radio and Lotus FM. Pillay used t be gain a lot of love from his fans as he was the best comedian and people use to be a laugh a lot at his hilarious sequence.

When he was admitted to the hospital he himself posted a video in which he told his fans that he is in the hospital after his oxygen level bring down. And he also mentioned that he was unable to take a walk. After this, the comment section of the video was jammed up with the get well soon messaged. His fans sent him a lot of love and blessing.

Neville Pillay

Neville Pillay’s cause of death?

Before his, he was going through eye surgery and he was diagnosed with kidney failure after which he also met to a sudden heart attack but somehow he was treated on time.

The senior director of DUT given a statement in which he said, “Neville was the person who was so talented and his radio voice makes everyone his fane and the comedy he does was also hilarious. He was a songwriter and the best actor too. I have never seen a man like him with a lot of talent. I hope he Rest In Peace and my heartfelt thoughts are with his family.”

Neville Pillay Tributes pour 

  • A tweet from Nesan Pather, “Reset In Peace my dear friend, you were the most smiling and talented person I have ever met. There are numerous memories of you. See you in the sky, my brother.”
  • One more tweet reads, “I’m in a shock to hear about his demise. He was a person with a great heart and he made numerous people smile. He had sleep these are in tear after his death and all I wanna say, at last, Rest In Peace.”

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