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Netflix: What Is The Cocaine Cowboys Theme Song? Soundtrack explored


Cocaine Cowboys is a do documentary thriller which was directed by Billy Corben in the year 2006. It produces by Alfred Seliman, David Cypkin, and Billy Corben. The starring in the film was done by Jon Roberts, Mickey Munday, and Jorge Rivi Ayala. Whereas the cinematography had been done by Armando Sales. The editing credit goes t Billy Corben and David Cypkin. The music of the film was composed by Jn Hammer. Whereas distributed by Magnolia Pictures.

Cocaine Cowboys Theme Song

What Is The Cocaine Cowboys Theme Song?

It was released on April 26, 2006. The documentary had been received a lot of positive responses from the audience. Whereas the viewers also commented about their acting. So now there is good news for the viewers as it’s going to be released again on the ott platform. Netflix is all set for the airing of the documentary. So be ready to see this again on your laptop and mobile screens.

The Theme Song of the Cocaine Cowboys:-

The theme song of the documentary is Bloodsport and to has been given by the American rapper and the singer Pitbull. This is a fresh song for the thriller as it is never seen in it before. It isn’t on the record by the artist.  Even it isn’t released officially before this. Pitbull comose or sing numerous songs for the documentary. In the track, we can hear a Latin beat also.

Cocaine Cowboys Theme Song

What is inside the documentary?

The documentary series is consists of the life of the bys theirs are in high school. And they have been planned to earn money by with something fake and wrong. So they got the idea of selling cocaine secretly. They started the dealing in Miami. Later they become the billionaire but then they will be traped in their own plans. And further, they will be seen managing their freedom from the authorities.

The series is going to be jammed up with the loss of suspense in which we will going to see the boys tries their best to hide their business from the authorities. And they also faced lots of problems.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on the same.

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