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Netflix: My Name ending explained who dies in the end? Is based on a true story?


South Korean Netflix: Is My Name based on a true story? My Name ending explained who dies in the end?: The popular and the latest K-Drama offering on Netflix is a grasping tale that revolves around the revenge of the daughter. Yoon Jiwoo (role played by (Han So-hee), the daughter of Yoon Donghoon, witnessed her father get assassinated right outside her home. Up to the end, her father protected her, and as a result, Jiswoo did not see who assassinated him. This Korean Drama is about the journey of Jiwoo encompassing half a decade of her life and all that she has gone through to find the man who killed her father. As far as she already knew that her father was on the wrong side of the law. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

My Name ending explained

My Name ending explained

Her father served with the biggest drug cartel that worked out of Soth Korea, called Dongcheon. Previously, Jiwoo talk to him in “My Name”, she informed him that she could no longer wait for him and that is what brought about his visit home. She was being chased by police who had put out an APB for Donghoon. Due to the investigation of the police, her school wanted to transfer her as police repeatedly come to the school. She became a pariah and was frustrated that her father was nowhere close to her when any of it occurred.

My Name ending explained

Why did Choi Mujin help Jiwoo at the starting in My Name?

When Jiwoo seeking revenge in My Name, she experienced rake just like ever prior to. The idea was to search for the man who assassinated her father and kill him. It was Choi Mujin who helped her and make her understand that committing an assassination is not to be taken lightly. Choi Mujin was introduced as the closest friend of Donghoon and confidante. The two of them served for Dongcheon and faced several menacing situations together.

My Name ending explained

Is My Name based on a true story?

Jiwoo trusted her father’s friend in order to help her find the murderer. Mujin did promise to help but asked her if she was sure she could face the results of her decision. She assumed that she could, and that was how she became the 1st member of the gang named “My Name”. Jiwoo served at the gym where Dongcheon muscle collected and worked out.
Jiwoo was physically harassed for the same, but it was Mujin who helped her find out the situation in Koren Drama. In My Name, Mujin helped her become sharp and strong, gives the training to fight, and receive her a secret identity that would help her exact revenge against the murderer.

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