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Aftermath Netflix Movie True Story Details Explained!!


Aftermath is the new horror movie that has been released on Netflix which is starring Shawn Ashmore and Ashley Greene, the movie has arrived on Netflix and it seems like the movie is going to send chills to the spine by the looks of it. the title card of the film is going to show cards, the movie is inspired by true events which are something that no one likes to read before the start of a horror film, and naturally, the audiences are trying to find the true story from which the movie has got the inspiration from and should they check their bed every time they go to sleep.


Aftermath Netflix Movie True Story

Aftermath has sneaked its way on Netflix and the world in the month of August dating to 4th. The movie is directed by Peter Winther and the story is about Natalie and Kevin Dadich, they are a young couple who seems to be struggling with their marriage and to give themselves a fresh start, the couple shift into a lavishing house which they received for a steal as there was murder-suicide which recently happened at the premises. but who knew that the past of this house is darker than what they believed initially, they uncovered the whole hidden secret after they shifted in the house.

Aftermath Movie Based on a True Story Or Real 

This means two things when we talk about the world of cinema, the movie is either word to word adaptation of what it is based on or the creators are talking liberty to make it over the top by calling it creative license and when we talk about this movie, it is a bit of both.

The ending might be a little over the top and pretty far-fetched, the main bulk of the movie is going to be following up the story faithfully for the most part without experimenting too much with the real events.


The movie seems to be chilling and it seems like if you want to enjoy the movie at its fullest then grab popcorn and switch off the lights and get in your blanket and enjoy the movie, the movie has been released on Netflix on 4th August and we hope the article has helped you to get the idea of how the movie is going to be and how much it is based on the real events.


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