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Netflix: Does Ali Die In Squid Game? Character’s Fate Explained


Netflix: Does Ali Die In Squid Game? Character’s Fate Explained: The popular streaming platform Netflix created a buzz amongst the watchers after the release of Korean Drama Squid which was premiered on Friday, 17th September 2021. Netflix always tries to provide something new to its watchers for their amusement and that’s why this platform is the first choice of watching series amongst the users. Talking about the K-Drama Squid Game which is the 9 episode series and written and directed by the director Hwang Dong-hyuk. Hwang is a South Korean creator who produced several movies such as Miss Granny and My Father.

Does Ali Die In Squid Game

Does Ali Die In Squid Game?

This series introduces a healthy roster of characters to become familiarize themselves with we discover the fate of Ali in the show. Now the fans are curious to know that does Ali dies in the series. Let’s find out together but before that, we would like to inform this article contained the major spoilers for Squid Game. So read it at your own risk.

Yes, as per the sources Ali does demise in Squid Game. Ali was demised in the 6th episode after Sang-Woo’s disloyalty, as it is unavoidable for every character on the show to be demised except for the winner. Sang-Woo (218) and Ali (Player 199) teamed up together to player the game. With each gamer given ten marbles, the game specified that whoever had got the most marbles, in the final end would have appeared as the winner of the game.

Ali confessed to Sang-Woo that he had no clue how to play this game and then Sang-Woo suggested a special technique to help him how to play this game. In spite of Ali admitting that he did no idea how to play, he finished the game by beating Sang-Woo, which meant the latter would die. Anger by the winning ability of Ali, Sang-Woo accused Ali of already knows the rules of the game. After getting calm down, he suggested to Ali to look at other pairs who did not have a winner in order for both to get survive in the game.

Sang-Woo asked Ali to give his bag of marbles to him in order to keep it safe and he trusted the words of Sang-Woo. The moment he handed over the bag, after that he started to search for pairs without winners. When Ali was aside, Sang-Woo took the marbles Ali and exchanged them with pebbles and after ALi released what he had done, he was shot and evicted from the game.

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