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Nelliyampathy Accident: Man Drowns After Falling Into Waterfalls In Nelliyampathy


There has been a sad demise of a person who has drowned as he slipped in the waterfall, this has happened on Saturday, the deceased is being identified as Jayaraj who was at the age of 36, he hails from Puthenkurish in Ernakulam, the accident has taken place in Kundara Chola waterfall, it happened around 2:00 pm on Saturday.

Nelliyampathy Accident

Nelliyampathy Accident

The incident occurred as Jayaraj went to the waterfall with two of his friends while they were returning from sightseeing in Nelliyampathy, it has been stated by the witnesses, Jayaraj slipped and he fell into the waterfall as he was trying to climb a rock, he was also seen capturing the scenery as he was using his mobile phone.

The visuals were also captured on his phone, this seems to be a developing story and the investigation is going on, there are going to be more revelations when it comes to the whole scenario and we are going to be here for you guys as soon as we get more updated about the situation.

There has no mentioning of the two others who went with him to the waterfall, the identity of them hasn’t been revealed as of yet, there has been no mention about the family is deceased, there has been no statement which has been given by the family and friends of the deceased, it is being considered as an accident as of now as there is footage which got captured on his phone.

It seems like the police are taking interviews from his friends who were there with him adn also the statements of the witnesses who were present at the scene at the time, we are going to be updating you more about the whole situation as the authorities reveal more information in the public domain, we will update you about the missing details as soon as something comes under our radar.

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