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Neeya Naana 14th March 2021 Episode: Debate On Tamil Nadu Government


Neeya Nana is a reality talk show which airs on Star Vijay every Sunday. The show is a social talk show which debates the social topics of society. Nowadays, This is show is going on really well. This is the Tamil reality show which comes in the Tamil language. The show contains a new and unique concept, this is the reason, the show is gaining huge popularity from the audience. Every week, the host and the audience of the show who are present on the show discuss the serious issues of the show.

Neeya Naana

In the show, the audience divided into two parts which debate on the issues of the society, one group debate in favor and the other one debate oppose. The audience gives their own opinion on the topic which they discuss. The show is hosted by Gopinath Chandran who is a multi-talented person. He is an anchor, radio jockey, journalist, reporter, entrepreneur, and writer. Every week, he came up with a new topic related to the problems of society and discussed it with the local audience of the set. In the show, the audiences have the freedom to keep their views. The audiences have no barrier to talking, they can freely talk on the show.

In today’s episode, the host of the show is going to talk about the Tamilnadu government. In the promo, we have seen the two groups discuss the topic of the Tamilnadu government in which they talk about the elections, laws, and many more. One of the group will talk in the favor of the government and another one against. In the episode, you will see a heated argument will happen between a woman and a man, their debate will be going to the next level. The promo of the show has shared on Vijay Television’s Twitter handle with the caption “Thats#TamilNadu”.

Apart from this, Neeya Nana, the talk show is helmed by Anthony Thirunelveli under the product house Mercury Networks. The show is going on very interesting and entertaining as the host of the show always introduced the very serious matters to discuss such as emergency clinics and facilities. On the show, the host, not only discusses the social problems but also day-to-day life problems. This is a great show to watch and to know society’s problems. The show comes on every Sunday on Vijay Television at 12:30 PM. Stay tuned with us to get all the latest updates related to the show.

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