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DELHI RAPE INCIDENT: Neeru Bajwa Comes In Support Of The 20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi Gang-Rape Survivor


DELHI RAPE INCIDENT: Neeru Bajwa Comes In Support Of The 20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi Gang-Rape Survivor: A terrible incident took place recently that has shaken the whole nation. Yes, we are talking about a Sikh woman who has been gang-raped. This heartbreaking news has shocked everyone. Another daughter of the nation has been raped. This shameful incident happened in Delhi. This news has been going viral on the internet. People have been showing their concern for the girl and also praying for her health and well-being. A  famous Punjabi actress came out and raised her voice in support of the victim. People have been praying for the victim’s family to go through this tough time soon. In this article, we are going to explain all the details about the incident and what the actress said regarding this shameful incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi

20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi

As per the sources, the victim was attacked by a group of people who humiliated her. They chopped her hair, tore her clothes, and then blackened her face and paraded her in the area. The incident took place in Kasturba Nagar. The victim is 20 years old married Sikh woman. It all happened because a teenage boy fell in love with her and killed himself when he didn’t get his consent. The boy’s family and other women attacked the 20 years old woman.

Neeru Bajwa Support 20-Year-Old Sikh Woman Delhi

Firstly, they kidnapped her and locked her in a room where they tortured her. Later, she was gang-raped by a group of men and cut her hair. Those people beat her brutally and paraded her in the area after blackening her face. The video of the incident has been circulating on the internet. People are shocked to see this cruelty of people. There is one video in which the victim’s Chacha Ji is explaining the incident.

A renowned Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa came out to support the victim’s family. She shared a series of pictures and videos and captioned the whole incident. She said that everyone who was involved in the incident should be arrested, not a single person who committed this uncivilized act should be escaped after all this. She added, “It’s all on video. There are concerns of the Delhi police being quiet on this recently and it’s vital we keep the pressure on them and demand transparency on their actions regarding this horrific act and arrests.”

She also informed in her post that the alleged rapist have been detained by Delhi police. Before this post, she made another post sharing a video of a popular film Pink in which Amitabh Bachchan said that a woman or a man’s No means No.

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