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Neck And Wrist Pusha T Lyrics meaning explained


Neck And Wrist Pusha T Lyrics meaning explained: Pay attention music lovers! On Tuesday (5th April 2022), Pushpa-T teased the midnight release of the new single “Neck and Wrist” along with Jay-Z which will be featured on his Daytona follow-up. After months of Pusha-T teasing his new collaboration with Jay-Z is almost here. On Tuesday, Push tweeted about the midnight release, also referencing a snippet of Hov’s lyrics from the forthcoming single. Since the month of February, Push has talked about working with JAY-Z in numerous interviews, first discussing that the duo has several collaborations on his forthcoming album, allegedly titled “It’s Almost Dry”. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Neck And Wrist Pusha T Lyrics

Neck And Wrist Pusha T Lyrics

Push shared on Podcast Million Dollaz Worth of Game that “I got 3 songs with him now… something from my new album. I do not know if I was supposed to say that, but I am up with you all though, we here.” In a recent interview with a news outlet, Push also mentioned that including himself, Hov is in his roster of top-3 “coke rappers”.

“Hov is first because he made Reasonable Doubt, and that is the cup of all drug levels, sans being all about drugs. It talks more about the lifestyle,” Push stated, disclosing his all-time coke rap greats. “Lyrically, I am going to state that I am next. And I will say Jeezy is 3rd, as I do not believe there was a stronger moment in time than Trap or Die.”

Neck And Wrist Pusha T Lyrics meaning explained

Pusha also talked more about collaborating with Hov on his new album. He stated, “I reach out to him because I know it is something that I can not say. It is dope, and it should be inspiring when you hear it. To say some of the most outlandish shit, and it actually is true, that should be aspirational to all rap artists.”


It is very tough to overstate the impact of Pharrell Williams as a producer. While he has become one of the top composers of music on his own, much of that impact came as a member of The Neptunes with Chad Hugo. A lot of The Neptunes’ most key work came with 2 hip-hop acts whose trajectories could not be more different Clipse and Jay-Z, who were signed to the Neptunes’ Star Trak imprint in the early 2000s.

Amusingly, those 2 acts have rarely crossed over or collaborated in the spite of their shared link to Pharrell…until now. Pusha T, who has since discovered some success as a solo artist and an entrepreneur is how right, has been promoting his forthcoming 4th studio album, peppering the past few weeks with tracks like “Spicy Fish Diss”, “Hear Me Clearly”, and “Diet Coke”.

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