NDIS Fraud Arrest: Government Cracks Down on NDIS Fraud: One news is coming out from the country Australia, where the government’s strong commitment to shielding Australians living with a disability has been underscored, with the apprehend of man for reportedly defrauding the NDIS of above than around $120,000. On Tuesday, 21st September 2021, The Federal police of Australia executed a search warrant at a western Sydney property in connection to an investigation conduct by the NDIS Fraud Taskforce.

NDIS Fraud Arrest

NDIS Fraud Arrest

During the investigation, a 29-year-old man was apprehended and then charged with attaining a financial advantage by fraud. Karen Andrews, Minister for Home Affairs stated that the apprehend served as a warning to anyone considering stealing vulnerable Australians or swindling the taxpayer.

Minister Andrews stated that “All Australians endure when the money of the public is defrauded. That is why this government is very much serious about taking essential and strong action to safeguard against this kind of fraud. The hardworking men and women of the AFP, and their partners in the NDIS Fraud taskforce, should have proud of the work they are doing in order to safeguard or protect people along with a disability and protect the honesty of taxpayer funds.”

Minister Reynolds stated that “This presumed criminal activity is absolutely why the Federal Government earlier extended the NDIS Fraud Taskforce on an unknown basis. This is another warning to everyone out there considering swindling funding deliberated for the participants of NDIS. The message is clear: you will be trapped and then you will face the results of your actions through the medium of the legal system

Every provider of NDIS and worker must need to fulfill the requirements of the NDIS Code of conduct, which is not only relevant to the quality and safety of supports and the fundamental rights of people along with disabilities but also acting with honesty, transparency and integrity. The Taskforce is just one of the dimensions the NDIA uses to observe and identify fraudulent activity and works in connection with the NDIS regulator, the NDIS Safeguard and Quality Commission, and other governing bodies, to make sure that the plan funding of the participants of NDIS remains protected.”

The NDIS Fraud Taskforce is multi-agency cooperation amongst the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), and the services of the country Australia. Anyone who is faced with concerns that fraud is being carried out against the NDIS should contact the NDIS fraud hotline can contact on 1800 650 717.


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