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NASA and Russian Space Agency Sign Deal To Share Space Station Flights


There is news coming from the space agencies as the space agencies of different countries or now planning to jointly operate a Mission for space research and the news is that two Russian space cosmonauts will join NASA’s astronauts on a space mission as the news is a controversial piece of news because of the Russian invasion in Ukraine that led to the bad relation between US and Russia as this is now coming in the news that the Russian space agencies will work hand-in-hand with the NASA, the US space agency it is quite unbelievable to learn that the two agencies will jointly operate as the current situation around the globe is not favorable to this event. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Two Russian cosmonauts as cosmonauts’ stand for the cosmic energy researchers and scientists that are looking for any kind of cosmic event taking place in space and proceed with their research to understand why such cosmic energies are present and what is their role in space as the two scientists of Russian cosmonauts will be conducting the research on the paper for the recent FRB FRB event that is received through pictures and short video clips of few seconds in the telescope as the United States said this on Friday,

That it will resume international space station with Russia though there are people between the two countries over the Russian Ukrainian war and NATO problem and they will ensure to continue the operation safely and international space Station will protect the astronauts and ensure US presence in space as the NASA will launch the collaborative group of five astronauts of Russia and US domain in the US spacecraft that is going to be launched.

The US space agency was planning on launching the scientists to space stations as the US scientists and Russian cosmonauts on the crew, US astronauts are named Frank Rubio who will fly with two Russian cosmonauts Soyuz rocket that is scheduled to be launched by September 21 from Kazakhstan and another astronaut of NASA Loral O’Hara that will be taking the mission to space in early 2023 and the upcoming year.

As NASA is planning to launch its space programs as per the schedule given below date with Russian cosmonauts will join NASA astronauts on a Mission space X with a crew strength of five members is going to be launched in September from Florida with a Japanese astronaut also be on a Mission and they will organize another mission in the year 2023 for space X with a crew strength of six members as comprising the scientist’s astronauts and cosmonauts from around the globe space agencies.

As this is said by NASA in its official report that the NASA ISS was always a front foot player on the option of operating jointly with other space agencies of them some named countries like Russia US Europe Japan Canada as the all countries above or advance in space research programs and can provide support to the space projects as the projects or for the benefit of all

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