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Naomi Osaka Beats Brady To Lift Title Australian Open 2021 Check Jennifer Brady Vs Naomi Osaka Highlights 6-4, 6-3


The sports renowned Naomi Osaka of Japan has been squashed by America’s, Jennifer Brady in holding the trophy of the 2nd Australian Open title on February 20, 2021. She beats Jennifer Brady 6-4, 6-3 to lift the title. She has become world No 2 behind Ashleigh Barty. At Grand Slam title it needed 77 minutes to end the American’s first bid. Later generated through first set 6-4 in just 41 minutes.

Naomi Osaka Australian Open 2021

Brady had out of contests in many previous matches for different parts.  However, Brady comes up with the fighting spirit after down 4-0 in the second set and Osaka is only one point far from grooving 5-0. American won two points to bring down Japnese.  After winning the title of 2091 in Melbourne by Osaka in the Grand Slam Finals. She puts her foot in the winning positions in previous matches.

During the trophy presentation, Osaka stated to Brady that “While we had played for the US Open two months ago and I exclaimed to everyone that you’re going to be a hard competition here. And I was right. As it’s fabulous to see you in the previous months and the fastest growing and it’s was appreciated.” She puts her words wisely in the presentation.

Naomi, the third player to get the first four major finals and received the second position in the world standings. She has become the world, top-earning female athlete. Before receiving the title she had saved two points. She reacted swiftly by putting a racquet on her face when crowed scorch. To win the first title she had to give the tough competition to the opponent.

Tennis is the most energetic sport and exciting to watch. In India, people and kids love to play it. The racquets are strung with the cords along with a rubber ball. The game was introduced by England in UK in 19th century by the international tennis federation. It is an Olympic sport that can be played by any age group. Osaka has proved herself and was highly appreciated by the crowd after winning the title against her strong opponent. Stay groove to our site for all the latest updates and news.

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