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Nandigram Election Result 2021 Live Update: Mamata Banerjee to take oath as CM at 10:45 am on May 5


Bhartiya Janta Party: Suvendu Adhikari the leader of BJP has been registered lesser votes against the chief of TMC (Trinamool Congress) Mamta Banerjee in round 14. Suvendhu Adhikar has been also known as a strongman of Nandigram. In the latest round of count, the TMC supremo was at the leading position by 2,331 votes.

Mamata Banerjee

Nandigram Election Result 2021 Live Update

As per the sources, the former TMC heavyweight Adhikar, who is now a member of BJP, assured that he will be going to defeat CM Mamta Banerjee by over 50,000 votes, as he promised that he has a stronghold, it was of the poll battle from West Bengal’s Nandigram.

As per the voting, trends rising from West Bengal represented that TMC in a leading position against their opponent BJP, while CM Mamta Banerjee’s party is again holding power despite faced defeat with a huge hope. The voting clash in the Nandigram is more ferocious, whereas Banerjee uses to give a tough and most competitive fight on ally-turned-foe Adhikari and the strongman, to give a fierce fight to cm’s former mentor.

As the data of the election commission, it showed that Adhikari was at the leading position by holding 34,430 votes while CM Banerjee has clipped her margin by registering 30,655 votes. Prior to the counting of total votes, the data in a percentage had 50.8 percent and 45.23 percent.

If we have look at the third round of counting then Adhikari was leading by gaining over 23,295 votes against the total votes of their opponent Mamta Banerjee by receiving total of 15,294 votes. CPI (M) candidate Minakshi Mukherjee was a distant third in the counting with 1,278 votes so far.

Everyone’s eyes are on the Nandigram assembly in the South-West Bengal region as TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee took all the guns in the election fray which was a turning point for her when she ousted the leftist government from power in David. Goliath competition more than a decade ago.

Top BJP leaders along with Union Home Minister Amit Shah organized large-scale rallies in Nandigram, where a large crowd gathered. Shah had claimed that the saffron party would win by a huge margin in Nandigram and the state of West Bengal as well.

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