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Namak Issk Ka (नमक इस्क का) Today’s Written Episode 7th January 2021: Spoilers & Gossips


The daily soap serial on colors tv named Namak Ishq ka is going to be interesting everyday. The main leads of the serial are getting lots of love from the audience. Here is the written update of the serial Namak Ishq ka. Episodes begin with Kahani hides in the car and thinks she misunderstood yug. She says he is right and his anger is justified. The car stops. Kahani comes out from the car and sees she reaches Mumbai. And thinks things will be sorted now.

Namak issk ka

After that, Kahani sees Yug and tries to stop him. But he doesn’t listen to her and leaves from there. Kahani reaches home with the kids. Kids were so scared. Kahani says to them don’t worry, She brings food for them. Later, Goons reaches Kahani’s house and knocks on the door. They get scared. Roni ordered them to break the door. Romi enters the house, but there is no one there. Roni says to goons that found them. Kahani and kids were hidden on the balcony.

Yug arrives home. Saroj asks him where he is. Yug sees Roni in the house. Yug gets shocked to see him and where is Kahani? Later, Rupa asks Yug that why is he looking worried. Kahani instructs her sibblings that they stay here only until she returns. And says don’t worry about her and leaves. In the next scene, Rupa asks Yug, Are you happy with our wedding? Yug answers he is happy and a little worried about work, that’s it. Nothing more.

Later, Kahani reaches outside of the Yug’s house and thinks about how she enters the house. Then she saw some ladies outside and includes in their group and enters the house. Gunjan gets ready and goes to take her father’s blessing. Kahani goes upstairs and searches for Yug. Roni stops her and starts questions her. Later, Rupa comes there and says what are you doing here? your group is downstairs. Kahani goes with Rupa.

Kahani tells Rupa that she is Kahani. Rupa asks what are you doing here? What about your marriage? Kahani wonders that Yug doesn’t tell anyone about her. Later, Yug comes there and sees Kahani, Yug gets shocked to see her. On the other side, Roni also sees her from the other side and gets shocked. Episode ends. Don’t forget to watch the serial on Colors Tv Mon – Fri at 9:00 pm. Stay tuned with GetIndiaNews.com.

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