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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka Written Update 18 March 2021 Today’s Episode: Yug Searching For Kahani


Stay updated to catch all the details of an upcoming episode of your favorite serial “Namak Issk Ka” on 18th  March 2021. The episode begins with Yug is waiting for Kahini at night, Saroj uses to tells him to not get worried about that girl else he might face trouble. Saroj uses to give him a head massage and fell asleep. And when n the next morning he wakes up, he says “I have to look for Lahgini”. But Saroj tells him no to do anything for Kahani and leaves.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

While Kahani also waits for Yug to come and save her. The goons ask Kahani whether her family gives them money to save her. Kahani says yes Yug will definitely come here to save me. A goon use to say no one will come here to save you Kahani say s ok let’s see my trust will win or you will win? Goon asks her if she is in love with him? And I think no one can love a dancer and his laugh.

Yug comes to the dining table to have breakfast and everyone looks at him. Yug tells them that he is going to work not to find Kahani. Iravati uses to taunt Kahani. Yug stops herby saying “when kahani is here you curse her and doing the same when she isn’t even here.” Gujun gets jealous and says to Yug why is he showing concern for her. And Yug leaves from the dining. Rani overhears the order of Iravati, which she gives to Ronak to make sure Yug doesn’t withdraw cash from the account.

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Yug when he is in the car use to miss Rani a lot and thinking about her words and actions. He gets frustrated and can’t stop himself from not finding her and he leaves in search of Rani. Yug goes to a pub and asks everyone about Kahini by showing her photo but he didn’t get to know about her from the dance club. On the other side, Kahin is kept crying and waiting for Yug to come and save her.

Munna meets Yug and asks for five lacs to help him. Yug offers his car to Munna and tells him to take him to Kahani. And on the other handRonak is searches for Yug’s location and he tells Gunjan to be aware and keep in touch with Yug. Watch the full episode on colors tv 9:00 pm from Monday To Friday.

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