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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka Today’s Episode 9th March 2021 Written Update: Ravi Gets To Know The Truth of Kahani


In “Namak Ishq ka” on 9th March 2021, the show initiates with Yug. As viewers already watched in the previous episode Yug is trying to find out the truth of his childhood friend and he has a doubt on Kahani that she might be his childhood friend. In his probe, he finds a key inside the purse Kahani and tries to open the lock of his box but Kahani tries to stop him. The episode ended with this scene and in today’s episode Yug is going to try to open his locked box with the key of Kahani.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

When he tries to open the box but failed in his attempt. The lock is not opened with Kahani keys. But Yug keeps attempting but he gets failed in his attempt. Whereas Kahani is thinking that she can not easily be going to share her truth with him. She knew that this memory is precious for both of them but it’s not the right time to reveal her identity in front of Yug. Yug has to wait for it and whenever the right time came she will tell him the truth.

Kahani tells Yug that the box will not be going to open as this is not the right key of your box and Saroj replies to her that it’s good that you are not a childhood friend of Yug as you are a dancer and you can not be his childhood friend. Yug again insults Kahani and tells her that I need to remember that you are a dancer and dancer keys will only open the locker not the precious memories. Kahani takes out the original keys from the drawer, and Rani tells her that she should not suppose to hide the truth as lying is not good. Ravi heard all the conversation of Rani and Kahani and came in a sudden shock.

Kahani says to Rani that she does not want to break the heart of Gunjan and I am not that mean who can break someone’s heart only for the sake of my happiness. Whereas Yug is thinking about his childhood friend and says that one day he will surely going to find her. Ronak goes into the room Yug and tries to talk to him but Yug says that he does not want to talk to Ronak. Ronak gave him the advice that Yug need to understand the pain of Gunjan and he should stop wasting the time of Gunjan for Kahani.

After Ronak and Saroj leave Yug room, Kahani comes there and gives back money to Yug and tells him that he should never try to put money again in her bag. Yug tries to convenience Kahani to leave his house but as usual, Kahani refuses it. Yug rubs the vermilion from the forehead of Kahani and Kahani starts crying after this and Yug also get emotional.

To know the rest of the story just watch the full episode of Namak Ishq ka on the Colors channel at 9:00 PM every Monday to Friday and read all the upcoming updates on our website.

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