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Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka Today’s 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kahani Confess Her Love For Yug In Front Of Iravati And Saroj


We are back with another update of your favorite show “Namak Issk Ka” on 29th March 2021, the show which previously began with the hatred of Yug for the dancers and now turns into the love triangle of Yug, Gunjan, and Kahani. Yug has started developing feelings for Kahani and even Kahani has feelings for him but both are denying to accept their inner feelings. But now it seems like Kahani has started accepting her feelings for Yug and today’s episode also begins with Kahani who is adorable looking at the photo of Yug.

Namak Issk (Ishq) Ka

Kahani is recalling the words of Yug in which he confesses his love for Gunjan. She is feeling very bad after listening to these words and thinking firstly she lost her childhood, her parents and now her love. Why life is so cruel to her? and life is taking everything from her that nobody wants to lose. Kahani thinks now Yug confesses his love for Gunjan now she will never be able to confess her love for Yug.

Iravati heard the monologue of Kahani whereas Kahani is still thinking about her mad love for Yug. She thinks her one-sided love making her crazy and when she is saying all these things to herself, Iravati came and throws a glass of water on her and says she can not love Yug as she is a dancer and she does not have the right to love anyone especially Yug. Iravati says you previously promised that you will leave Yug and his house after Ravikant will come to his senses.

Kahani says she does not yet confess her love for Yug and she knew that Yug is going to marry Gunjan after she leaves the house and you people no need to worry about it. My love for Yug is always a secret that is going to be kept in this room. Whereas Gunjan is very much happy after hearing the confession of Young’s love for her. She says to Yug that she is not believing that he confess his love in front of everyone.

Kahani says Iravati and Saroj that the day Yug will support her on that day she will fight from the entire world so just pray for that, the day never comes. Saroj thinks that this time she will not lose as she does not want to get defeat by the dancer again. Then she decides to assassinate Kahani by giving her poison. Saroj reveals her murder plan in front of Rupa and Rupa asks her not to assassinate Kahani.

The show is coming in an intense turn where Kahani realizes her love for Yug but could not able to confess whereas Saroj is planning to assassinate Kahani. So viewers don’t forget to watch this latest episode of “Namak Issk Ka” on the Colors channel at 9:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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